Teokoshi mameza tiny plate-Japanese Plum Design


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Handmade miniature plates recreating five auspicious motifs of the Japanese culture: rabbit, turtle, pine tree, plum blossom and Japanese maple leaf. “Mamezara” means a tiny plate to be used for seasonings, dipping sauce and appetizers. It features greyish-white and sandy texture which come from the coarse black clay used to make them. On the edges, the black clay slightly appears and makes the shape stand out. Size: in inches plum W3.2/D3.2/H0.7 pine tree W3.8/D2.3/H0.7 leaf W3.3/D3.1/H0.7 rabbit W3.0/D3.0/H0.7 turtle W3.3/D3.0/H0.7 Size: in mm plum W82/D82/H18

Material: Pottery

Microwave safe

Made in Japan