Stoneware Mixing Bowl with Handle

Art & Joy Studios

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You will fall in love with our mixing bowl, and it will never be out of reach in your kitchen. Whether it is whisking up eggs, or batter, serving fruit salad, or raising bread dough this vessel balances beauty with functionality. Perfect for proofing bread, this bowl will become a staple fixture for your cooking and a timeless family heirloom. Our vessel is easy to use with a pour spout and convenient handle. The large mixing bowl is of a good size which comfortably holds 1.75-1.8 quarts. The smaller mixing bowl around .75-1 quart.

Mixing bowls sold individually.

Height (S): 3" Diameter (S): 7"
Height (L): 4" Diameter (M): 9

Non-toxic and food safe. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Each piece is handmade and unique. Each piece is honest to picture and size but may vary slightly piece to piece. We aim to keep our variation within ~0.25" of the listed dimensions. Let us know with any issues. Handmade with love and passion in the USA.

Love. Farmhouse. Rustic. Home. White Stoneware.