Print It!: 15 Fun Printing Projects for Kids

Schiffer Kids

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This series plants a long-term love of craft. Each book is by an established artist in the craft medium. Featuring 15 projects with clear step-by-step instructions and colorful photography, Print It! teaches kids how to enjoy the craft traditions of printing. Amy Appleyard offers her expertise in professional design and crafting to kids in a way that they love, and helps you share the joy of creating beautiful prints of all kinds with a new generation of young crafters. Amy Appleyard (Wales) is a graphic designer, illustrator, and dedicated crafter who loves to spark creativity. She uses her printing expertise for her own projects and as a freelance illustrator. Amy's two children constantly expand her creative capabilities. 80 pp | 8 1/4" x 10 3/4" x 5/8" | 125 color photos | hardcover