Making Bows with Children

Schiffer Kids

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If you want to build yourself a real bow, here is where the adventure begins! Learn how to build 2 different bows, arrows, bowstrings, and a quiver with step-by-step instructions. For beginners, we recommend the "Bent Stick" model with simple arrows. As your skills develop, turn to the more advanced Stone Age bow, "Holmegaard," and matching arrows. Building bows, arrows, and other accessories are an easy, popular project in school, youth groups, or at home with adults. Archery is a recreational sport for big and small, young and old. Practicing with the simple devices featured inside hones concentration. Materials can be found in nature or purchased cheaply at your local hardware store. This well-illustrated book also takes you on a brief excursion through the history of this ancient implement. Building your own set is just the beginning of your adventure. Edition 1. Hardback binding. 265 photos & drawings. 208 pages. Author: Hein, Wulf. Publication date: 2013-04-28.