Pigeon oven-proof dish with handles


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Charming shallow bowls with wings-like handles. Heat-resistant, it can be used not only as a bowl or dinner plate but also as a baking dish! Grilled vegetables, pasta, curry, chocolate cakes or pudding, the possibilities are endless. The design of the handles makes taking out from the oven easy and safe, and will also attract children that will use Pigeon bowls mirthfully as well. Made a traditional Japanese ceramic technique that results in a unique greyish white with a fun burnt effect on the edges. Size: in inches 19 cm W8.6/D7.1/H1.5/18.9oz 14 cm W6.6/D5.3/H1.9/10.1oz 9 cm W4.8/D3.4/H1.5/3.0oz Size: in mm 19 cm W218/D181/H38/560cc 14 cm W167/D135/H47/300cc 9 cm W121/D87/H39/90cc Material: Pottery Oven safe, Microwave safe Made in Japan