Kezao - board game


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Put the right color down without getting into the broth! “With blue but without yellow.” Be the quickest to land a card that respects the color combination shown by the two dice. Kezao is a speed game that involves observing the colors displayed on an image. Players must find a card in their game that is compatible with the color indications, present or absent, displayed on the dice. The aim of the game is to be the first to reject all your cards. Family/fun/observation/quick game Contains: - 60 cards, 58 of which have 1 to 6 colors and 2 Kezao cards - 4 dice: two identical dice with one color on each side and two identical dice with a crossed out color on each side. - 1 cardboard box: L150 xL110xH40 Published by Laboludic, a new French game publisher.
Made in China