Keith Harrop - Print. #35 'A Conspiracy of Ravens.'  Pencil Art. Film Noire

Keith Harrop

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This print is from 'The Anicurio Collection' by British artist, Keith Harrop. Original pencil drawings, in the style of Victorian, vintage photographs Each premium matte print is SIGNED by the artist. It comes in it's own clear bag. Also included is a cardboard insert for backing protection, and a label on the top right corner of the bag, that says 'SIGNED' If you're an animal lover, have a fondness for all things Victorian, or just like the weird, bizarre, and unusual. You will find cats, dogs, horses, birds, foxes, buffalo, weasels, owls, snakes, stags, deer, alligators, hares / rabbits, mice, ducks, lions, tigers and bears and the list keeps growing. This series has inspired a loyal following. Many return to add to their collection.