John Derian Paper Goods: Friendship, Love, and Truth 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Workman Publishing

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Celebrate the things that truly matter. So straightforward in its language, so rich and allusive in its symbolism, this extraordinary Victorian composition comes straight from the collection of John Derian, the artist and designer whose work with printed images of the past transports the viewer to another time and place. Don’t be surprised, as you begin piecing it together, to find yourself in a state of engaged curiosity. The rings, the hands, the bundle of sticks (you’ll find that one on the back of a Liberty dime), all under the watchful Eye of Providence: Is it a puzzle, or a message?


  • 1,000 interlocking pieces
  • Mini-poster (6 3/4" x 9 3/8") for reference or framing
  • Completed puzzle size: 26 3/8" x 18 7/8"