Hudson 4 - Double Bubble Vase (flowers just for display)


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Chive has a number of glass models to be used as a vase for flowers. Depending on what you are looking for in a vase modern and contemporary or classic styles are both available. This particular model is a fun, double sided bud vase for your garden clippings. Each side is sectioned off from the other, to create two separate compartments, giving you a vase for flowers on each side. If you are creating a contemporary vase modern and simple, try single stem cuttings in clear liquid. Or if it's a more decorative aesthetic you require, why not try incorporating different colored water in each side. Super cute sitting by itself, as a standalone piece, it has minimalist charm. However, it also makes for an elegantly fun cluster when paired with the Raygun and Rockpile. This pick 'n' mix idea has been a popular choice for many customers who prefer to use their own creative flare to create endless possibilities of displays and collections.