House Necklace by Ceramic Artist Anne Caldwell

Anne Caldwell

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Little House Necklace on a Sterling Silver Chain

Material:  Ceramic, Silver


I just love watching ceramic artist, Anne Caldwell, pull prints on ceramic slabs.  And, the finished cut out tiles are tooo cute for this world, seriously.  They are luscious and fun and up lifting.  I've been following Ann on Instagram for a while now.  Part of the joy of owning a store is that I get to reach out to all of these great artists and ask them if I can sell their work.  Ann teaches online courses and I think they fill up quickly.  She also sells these very cool mosaic kits.  We haven't figured out how to sell them here in the US yet, because of the cost of the extra tools in the kit.  Keep a look out for them.  Maybe one day we will have a break through.  Anyway, I have a few of her quirky tiles and I'll be selling those too.  For now, these little house pendants are extra fun.  They hang on a 30" sterling silver chain.