Hats series by Celia Martín-Pérez. Framed with black frame & white mat

icon and idols cards

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This is a A5 (image size 10x15 cm) signed print of an original collage that belongs to an exhibition I called 'Hats'. These works recreated famous people and their life and achievements summarized as their hats.

About the artist:

I was born in Madrid, and as a young person growing up in the 70s/80s I became fascinated with the transformation of ‘the city’ during the transition to democracy after Franco’s dictatorship. To reflect this process, I took up photography and focused on capturing urban scenes of libertarian Barcelona in the late 70s, where I lived for a year, and the wild atmosphere of ‘La movida madrileña’ of the 1980s Madrid (a counterculture movement that emerged in the aftermath of Spanish transition). In 1985 I moved to London where I continued photographing the spectacle of the ‘foreign city’ with my new Polaroid. In the early 2000s I completed a doctoral thesis in Spanish cultural history focusing on visual arts and political and feminist theory. I have been lecturing at the University of London ever since. Alongside my academic life, I also embarked on a new journey turning my attention first to painting and later to collage. Discovering the work of Dada collage artist Hannah Hoch opened the door to a new form of expression that really suited my artistic style. Some of my works are imbued with the theoretical concepts that I study and teach. I have participated in exhibitions in Spain and UK.