Red Layers Botanic Style Glass Coaster

Gillian Arnold

Regular price $10.00

This print is both beautiful and floral, with stunning mixes of cherry reds, deep lilacs and soothing mint greens, this glass coaster home accessory is sure to please both yourself and any guests. Mix and match my Red Layers glass coaster with the other glass coasters to form your own unique set. The jewel like quality of the glass gives a 3D feel to the prints which adds texture and life to the flowers and pressings. Entice your clientele to indulge in a hint of luxury with this statement set. Too stunning to be kept in a cupboard. Perfect as part of a storefront display. Dimensions 10cm by 10cm Coasters have 4 rubber feet to prevent scratching of surfaces. Made from a toughened shatter proof glass. Handmade in the UK.