Forte Chocolate - Lemon Pepper Truffle

Forte Chocolate

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DESCRIPTION: One of our Award Winning truffles with bright, freshly zested lemons mixed with the satisfactory bite of black pepper and a touch of sea salt in a decadent white chocolate butter ganache. Encased in a white chocolate shell, the mix of savory and sweet will play with your palate and leave you wanting more! TRAY OF 24 TRUFFLES GUARANTEED SHELF LIFE: 2 months Gluten Free, Sesame Free, Nut Free AWARDS:  America's Silver 2019 International Chocolate Awards World Bronze 2019 International Chocolate Awards Gold 2018 Northwest Chocolate Festival MSRP: $5 per Truffle  SKU# : LPB24TWH   TRUFFLE WIEGHT: About 13 grams  TRUFFLE SIZE: Dome (3 cm base x 2 cm hight) FITS PAPER CUP SIZE: #4SP recommended for a snug fit Bulk case goods ready to serve. Corporate gifts. B2B party wedding favor. Best top chocolate. Award winner. Holiday, thank you, special event, business giving. Gift box basket