Felted Wool Soap by Fiat Luxe

Art & Joy Studios

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Fiat Luxe is an artisanal felted soap and textile design company located in the heart of Sonoma County’s wine country. Owner and artist, Nancy Rosenthal’s inspiration stems from her lifelong love for nature’s beauty and an early childhood memory of a delicate—but surprisingly sturdy—cocoon flickering with the promise of life within. A lifelong lover of all things handmade, Nancy creates beauty with layers of color, texture and fiber using only the highest quality materials. In 1996 when gifted with one tiny handmade bar of oatmeal soap, Fiat Luxe’s journey began in the Rosenthal family’s country kitchen where Nancy and her husband, Arthur, made their first batches of handmade soap. At first they gave away the unevenly cut chunks of soap to family and friends. As time went on they refined the art of blending essential oils to create custom fragrances for their soaps and started participating in all the local farmer’s markets and gift fairs. Eventually Nancy decided to combine her love for soap making and fragrancing with her love of color and fiber by wrapping soap in wool to create a wonderful gentle exfoliating experience.