Ester & Erik Cone Candles

Ester & Erik

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Color 12-Pale Lilac

Color 25-Yellow

Color 28-Royal Navy Blue

Color 29-Terracotta

Color 44-Wine Red

Color 62- Bright Green

Sizes:  23 cm  or 34 cm

Elegantly shaped classic cone candles

Originally, our cone candles were produced as a decorative Christmas candle for festive wreaths and decorations. However, the cone candle soon went on to become a popular interior product, which is now sold all year round. The cone candle is the only one of our products which is self-standing, making it a very versatile product. With its classic shape, it is elegant on its own, but it also sits beautifully on our candle plate or many other surfaces, for example a piece of glass, a raw cement table or a piece of marble – anything is possible, because no candle holder is required.