Empty 16 oz. glass spray bottle with a DIY cleaning solution recipe on the label

Art & Joy Studios

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This glass spray bottle comes with a simple recipe for DIY cleaning solution that you make at home each time you need a refill.   Reduce & reuse as much as possible.  And then if you still have to throw out garbage, recycle.  Or you can pop in a concentrated tablet and add water of various cleaning solutions that we carry made by the the Quebecois company Filo

Plastic is an amazing invention but it is sadly destroying our planet.  %91 of plastic is not recycled! Think of all of the rows of plastic bottles in any grocery store.  Now imagine the exponential rows of plastic cleaning products all over the world and now imagine all of the landfills that collect all of that plastic garbage.  As amazing as plastic can be for life saving inventions, we can make other choices when plastic is just created our own habit of convenience.