DIY Beginner Flower Embroidery Kit

Art & Joy Studios

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These embroidery kits have a transparent mesh that makes them stand out from other designs.  Choose from the Dandelion, Yarrow, or Daisy Pattern.

Quantity: 1 Piece (Kit does not include scissors)

Packing list: 1 set (flower thread * 1, drawing * 1, needle * 2, frame * 1)

Fabric size: 20 * 20cm 15 * 15cm

**The pattern on the base is drawn with water-soluble ink should not be sprayed during work. The full embroidery can be soaked in water without removing the plastic ring. Such a dip can prevent excessive wrinkles. If there is a strong mark, you can use a cleaning agent to wash it off and then soak it in clean water.