Delta Coloring Kite

In the Breeze

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This 30" Delta Coloring Kite features a slightly smaller body than many deltas and a rounded trailing edge.  This blank kite is a canvas to design your own!  Crayons are included or fabric markers, paint or other embellishments (not included) can be used as well. These single line kites are great for the novice to intermediate kite enthusiast which make them great party favors or craft projects.  Diamond, Butterfly and Sled Coloring Kites available as well! Ripstop fabric and fiberglass rods. Draw your own design on this plain white kite. (2) attached 50" rainbow stripe tails. Easy to assemble Kite line with handle and kite bag included 4 pack of crayons included. Recommended wind range: 5 to 20 MPH
Made in China