Cut and Make Puppets; Artists and animals


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These puppets are works of art.  I just LOOOOOOVE the artist puppets.  Niki de Saint Phalle is my spirit guide.  I first saw her work in person as an impressionable teenage and there was no going back.  It was empowering to see such a clear female point of view in the high falutin art museum and Sonia Delaunay is my back up spirit guide. Her playful use of pattern and color is my soul food.  Both of these female artists were fiercely true to themselves.  I remember learning of Basquiat through a friend in college.  We delighted in his mark making and authenticity.   You can also cut out your own alligator puppet or dachshund puppy for a little dose of pure joy.  


Printed 350gsm FSC cardstock. Cut out and make puppet comes with paper fasteners printed onto robust quality card. Size - A4.
Made in United Kingdom