Camp Hollow - Year of the Monkey Cake Topper

Camp Hollow

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Inspired by the ancient fable, Camp Hollow's new line of porcelain Cake Toppers celebrate the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. With a piece for each year in the lunar calendar cycle, this exciting new collection is perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions! Created from heirloom-quality porcelain and designed to last, these hand-painted masterpieces are unique gifts that will last from the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Pig and beyond!  🥇 crafted from fine porcelain 👩‍🎨 meticulously hand painted in detail 🌳 heirloom quality ✔️ highly collectible 💝 individually gift boxed ✈️ free domestic shipping 🔍 65mm x 45mm x 40mm 🕯️ fits a 5mm-7mm candle ➕ includes color brochure with horoscopes Year of the Monkey The efforts it took to get the Monkey, Goat, and Rooster to the end of the race required drive, tenacity, quick-thinking, and problem solving abilities-- all fantastic qualities of people born in a Year of the Monkey. Witty, clever, and devastatingly intelligent