Camp Hollow - Possum "Seedling" Necklace

Camp Hollow

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Did you know possums make cute babies? Possums are known as solitary and nomadic animals, and as such identify closely with Country Western singers and songwriters. They tend to ramble around, and when they’re not ramblin’, they’re sleeping. It can be hard to depict a possum mid-ramble, so our artists went with the sleeping pose. When you receive your possum animal necklace, you may wonder if your possum is truly asleep or simply playing possum. We can assure you, it is not the latter, because when possums play possum, it’s not cute. And they don’t do it upside down. It’s their prehensile tails that allow them to strike this curious pose, although it’s mostly juvenile possums who do it. You can tell if yours is in this age group from their sassy attitude. While fewer adult possums bother with posturing, the truth is they are the only marsupial to live in the U.S., and it’s fair to say they are proud of this fact. Align yourself with one of these bold, hip creatures by ordering yourself a piece of possum a