Chameleon Necklace

Camp Hollow

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🦎 Chameleons change their skin color partly as a response to emotions and moods, revealing excitement, anger, contentment and more in vibrant shades and mesmerizing patterns. Meet the perfect wearable companion for a sensitive soul: our Chameleon necklace! We happened to capture him in a state of bright chartreuse and electric blue, but his dynamic spirit remains. This expressive little reptile is made from high quality porcelain, hangs on a 24 inch 24k steel chain, comes individually gift boxed, and ships for free! 📿Adorably stylish and completely unique, Camp Hollow’s line of whimsical wearables are made of high quality porcelain and painted in intricate detail to depict some of nature’s most beautiful creations!  Follow the Camphollow Youtube Channel!