Avocrafts - Avocrafts 7 Piece Wooden Kitchen Utensils


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Handmade with smooth teak wood for a superior cooking experience. These wooden spoons and spatulas are a safer alternative to other materials, and are a 100% non-toxic solution to all types of cooking for you and your family. With zero coatings on our utensils, you can have a peace of mind knowing all your meals are safe from any chemicals. This cooking set has lifelong durability and will prevent unwanted scratching on your non-stick pots and pans. Use again and again for all your cooking needs! Set Includes 7 Utensils: Spatula Frying Spatula Rice Spoon Colander Soup Spoon Stirring Spoon Versatile Cooking Spoon * Optional Acacia Wooden Holder Holds All 7 Utensils for a Complete Set!