Portuguese Anti Drip Olive Oil Can Drizzling Dispense

Portuguese Treasures

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Anti-drop Olive Oil Can Drizzling Dispenser - Removable anti-drip spout and air tube which allows the gradual dispensing of the oil. - Do not use on a direct source of heat. - Tip: Wash with used coffee and warm water. PRODUCT FEATURES Material: Stainless Steal Capacity and Dimensions: 1/4L = 250ml (Diameter: 8.5cm ; Height: 18cm) 1/2L = 500ml (Diameter: 11cm ; Height: 23cm) 3/4L = 750ml (Diameter: 12.1cm ; Height: 25cm) 1L = 1000ml (Diameter: 13.2cm ; Height: 27cm) Made in: Portugal"

Made in Portugal